Discussion held on “Entering teachers’ profession, professional development and advance scheme”
News ArchiveSeptember 29, 2014

The National Center for Teachers’ Professional Development hosted a meeting where the participants held the discussion on “Entering teachers’ profession, professional development and advance scheme”. The key topic of the discussion was the amendments recommended by parliamentary education committee regarding the scheme. The amendments are as follow:

  • Dividing teachers according the stages;
  • Certain aspects regarding document content;
  • Scheme title.


Besides, meeting participants created several working groups behind closed door and considered several directions\;

  • Teachers’ training university programs and profession regulation;
  • The system of continuous professional development;
  • Professional practice evaluation;


The working groups also discussed future steps to introduce the scheme as well as given recommendations on the topic as problems of university training.

Leading teachers, representatives from the Ministry of Science and Education, experts from acting international and local education organizations, center specialists and high school representatives took part in the meeting.