"Teacher training, professional development and career growth"
News ArchiveSeptember 10, 2014

The Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili attended a conference organized by The National Center for Teachers’ Professional Development Center under the Ministry of Science and Education. The event was also attended by the representatives from schools, education resource-centers, High Schools, NGOs and international organizations as well as the members of legislative bodies.

The conference was dedicated to “Teacher training, professional development and career growth” scheme. Representatives from the Ministry of Science and Education, high schools, International organizations and NGOs took part in the discussion.

A new systematic approach was worked out in the scope of the scheme, which is oriented at teachers support and professional development. As soon as the new scheme is represented, teacher’s profession will be even more appreciated and attractive for young staff.

“We make a serious investment in the field of education - since 2012 investments have been increased in education and science. We expect the greatest return exactly from this field," - Irakli Garibashvili stated.

The Prime Minister discussed the achieved results in terms of availability. According to his information, annual family cost for general education was reduced by 60 per cent as a result of implemented reforms; new schools are being built, more than 1000 schools were repaired, transport serves more than 50 thousand schoolchildren in villages; special services were established in public schools, such as service of psychologist, special teacher and now a doctor; inclusive education has become available. As regards higher education sector, the prime minister emphasized free education in 21 specialties and stated that it is necessary to develop particular sectors.

The main purpose of introducing new system of “Teachers training, professional development and career growth” is to improve teaching and learning quality.

The document envisages the necessary ways and means to enter the profession, professional development and advance. It also creates the solid ground that makes it possible to regulate teacher’s profession.

In 2015 additional financial resources will be allocated and regulation of teacher salary policy will be started; salaries of teachers will be increasing in next years too. –stated the Prime Minister.