Vocational Education Teachers' Conference
News ArchiveJuly 11, 2014

By the initiative of National Center for Teachers’ Professional Development a conference on teachers’ professional development was held. The conference was attended by the representatives of the MES professional education department as well as members of National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement.

The main goals of the conference were:

  • To review and analyze the trainings aimed at professional development of teachers of vocational colleges;
  • Presentation of 4-year program for vocational education teachers.
  •  To review the draft of vocational education teachers training and professional concept.


It’s worth noting, that national Center for Teachers’ Professional Development is implementing a state program which serves as a tool to develop vocational education teachers’ professional skills. Teachers’ professional development trainings and activities are systematically being implemented.

Teacher training and professional development concept was developed in collaboration with the UN, which is aiming at the regulation of teachers’ education programs, recruiting new personnel in the profession, teachers' professional development on a college base, as well as from the state.

The work on the concept still continues and it is scheduled to meet with NGOs and international donor organizations to discuss the document before it is submitted to the approval to the MES.