Special Teacher's Standard
News ArchiveJuly 06, 2014

The National Center for Teachers’ Professional Development hosted a conference dedicated to special education standard. The conference was attended by special teachers, psychologists,principals, representatives of MES and the National Center for Teachers’ Professional Development.

In the scope of the conference several main issues were discussed:

  • Special education teachers’ standard;
  • The ways and opportunities to get involved in the special education teachers’ scheme;
  • A special package of legislative amendments concerning the teacher's activities.

It’s worth noting that, it is planned to create special teachers’ training MBA program on the bases of special teachers’ standard. It’s essential to look through the standard and define concretely several items, in order to make it more flexible.

One of the main priorities of the MES is to develop inclusive education. Special teacher is a main figure, who encourages SEN children in school activities and assists them in integration process.