Meeting Held on the Training and Development of Vocational School Teachers
News ArchiveMarch 10, 2014
A working meeting was held on the training and development of vocational school teachers at the National Center for Teachers Professional Development. The meeting was attended by the Center staff as well as UNDP members and the representatives of Vocational Education and Science Development Department and National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement.
The concept includes:
  • The regulations of the ways for the vocational education teachers to enter the profession and/or enhance professional skills;
  • Development opportunities for the teachers of various categories;
  • The motivations to encourage a beginner teacher in the profession.

It's worth noting, that  the concept for vocational teacher training and development was prepared through the cooperation of local and international experts, coordinated by the UNDP.

It may take some time until the interested sides will discuss the document mentioned. Only after this procedure a special meeting will be held with teachers, heads of vocational institutions and members of the private sector in order to undertake intensive discussions to approve the document.