The Conference "Teach Georgian as the Second Language"
News ArchiveMay 10, 2013

Two-day conference was held in the scope of the program “Teach English as the Second Language.” “The most frequently occurred problem, during the teaching process of Georgian as the second language” served as the main topic of the conference. The conference was attended by staff of Teachers’ Professional Development Center, invited experts and 75 trainer teachers participating in the program.

In the scope of the program “Teach Georgian as the Second Language” qualified Georgian language and literature teachers are sent to Samtskhe-Javajheti, Qvemo Qartli and Kakheti regions, which are inhabited by representatives of ethnic minorities. Its’ worth noting, that the problem of Georgian language competency is extremely low.

The program aims at improving Georgian language teaching in the areas inhabited by ethnic minorities and encourages teachers to enhance their qualification.