Presentation of Manuals for Trainers held at Teacher's House
News ArchiveMarch 25, 2013

A presentation of a new manual was held at Teachers' House. The Teachers' Professional Development Center issued a new guidebook for the trainers. The book mentioned above, is the first one published in Georgian language.

"Practical Workbook for Trainers" will help them to conduct high-quality trainings and develop trainees' different skills.

  • Andragogy e.i the adult learning principles;
  •  Effective communication;
  • Skills needed for presentations, etc;

The book also familiarizes the readers with various training exercises and activities. The manual is especially effective for starter trainers.

"Practical Workbook for Trainers" as well as other manuals issued by Teachers' Professional Development Center will be given to Public School libraries free of charge throughout the whole country.