Meeting Held with Teachers of Mtkheta Public School
News ArchiveMarch 05, 2013
The head of the Teachers' Professional Development Center met the teachers of Mtskheta N1 public school. Gia Mamulashvili spoke on the new project - "Teachers' professional development on the basis of the schools." In the scope of the project, groups of professional training groups will be set up at public schools. Each group member will work in several directions:
  • Observe colleagues' work and analyze from the position of `critical friend`, as well as discuss their experience.
  • Through pupils' observation and result evaluation members of training groups will detect their professional needs;
  • Cooperative work on curriculum planning, implementation and evaluation;
  •  Group members will conduct joint discussions on the problems that occur during teaching process as well as find the ways how to cope with the problems.
  • Group members should use and share the elements of the pedagogical practice with their colleagues at their own school, as well as in neighboring school teachers.

On the first stage of the project implementation a piloting program will be conducted. 210 schools will take part in it throughout the Georgia. Each school pilot group will contain 7-8 teachers who will go through a special training.

The representatives of Teachers' Professional Development Center will introduce the details to every participant.