The Memorandum of Cooperation
News ArchiveJanuary 14, 2013

The memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Director General of The National Museum of Georgia David Lortkiphanidze and the Head of Teachers’ Professional Development Center Gia Mamulashvili.

The memorandum envisages the cooperation in the field of education in order to implement the events as follow:

  •  Enhancing teachers’ qualification and building professional skills which meet modern requirements.
  • ·Planning and developing curriculums in order to prepare competent professionals who will meet all the modern requirements.
  • Applying educational policy worked out by the both parties to teachers of all levels.
  • Popularize the museum and encourage people’s integration in museum through educational programs.
  • Conducting close cooperation between the museum staff and teachers in terms of program innovation.

National Museum of Georgia and its staff - consultants, scientists, curators and assistant-curators will develop brief lectures and conduct them to the teachers. On the other hand, Teachers’ Professional Development Center will train Museum staff whose members are involved in educational programs as well as guides. Training program must include: teacher and pupil standards according to teaching groups and methods which suit particular age-groups.

It’s worth noting, that Nationl Museum of Georgia as well as Teachers’ Professional Development Center are interested in popularizing Georgian national heritage; both institutions act according to person's interests and capabilities in education, professional development and training requirements. The Parties shall cooperate concerning the past and present of other nations, as well as the natural world monuments and public access to information.