Renewed Concept Discussed with Teachers
News ArchiveDecember 20, 2012

A new concept of the Teacher’s Professional Development Center has been discussed at Teacher’s House. The head and consultants of the Center introduced scheduled projects and activities to the teachers and listened to the new suggestions. The event was attended by the Deputy Minister Aluda Goglichidze.

It’s worth noting, that Teachers’ Professional Development Center implements school decentralization policy. The new concept has been developed according to this policy.

The document envisages research and innovation as well as teachers’ professional standard development. Besides, the concept describes the methods which help beginner teachers in their professional development process and encourage teachers’ non-stop education.

The concept has been worked out by the consultants of Teacher’s House. The discussion was attended by more than 100 teachers from Tbilisi as well as from nearby regions. The document will also be introduced to teachers from other regions. Eventually, the center will develop renewed strategy and action plan.