Training in Information and Communication technologies
News ArchiveOctober 24, 2012

Teacher’s House offers a preparation course for teachers in Information and Communication Technologies not only in Tbilisi but in other regions as well. Trainings are under way in Dmanisi, Tsnori, Kaspi, Gori, Tianeti, Baatumi, Zestaphoni, Dusheti, telavi and Khashuri regions. The number of cities will increase in the nearest future.

Teachers are trained in several main aspects:

  • “Video as a teaching resource”
  • “Virtual classroom Edmodo”
  • “E-teaching resource preparation using “Animato”

During the trainings teachers are acquainted with the methodology on how to use visual material. They are also trained how to efficiently use program peculiarities. In addition, teachers are taught how to make video clips through “Movie Maker”, post them on blogs and on special teaching-resource portals. Trainings will also be  focused on “Edmodo” program. The latter is the social network for teachers, pupils and parents. The network gives them opportunity to send homework assignments, create surveys, upload files in the library, communicate with pupils and parents, etc. Teachers also study necessary skills how to create electronic teaching resources using the special program “Animato”. Through using this program they will create teaching video-files with pictures and music. It enables easy video-material link exchange via e-mail and makes it easy to publish links on blogs/sites, upload them on Youtube and download the materials in order to make a presentation.