Teachers' Professional Development Scheme Envolvement Registration Announced
News ArchiveOctober 09, 2012

Teachers’ Professional Development Center under the Ministry of Science and Education announces scheme involvement registration for certified teachers from October 9th until November 5th.

Teachers can register in any educational resource-center throughout Georgia. Applicants must submit an individual action plan, which will represent all the activities that teachers will carry out in accordance with the term of validity of the certificate as well as the scheme involvement application available on www.tpdc.ge

It’s worth noting that only certified teachers may be involved in the scheme. After they get appropriate credits they will be given the status as follows:

  •  Certified teacher;
  • First category teacher;
  • High category teacher;

It also should be noted, that after acquiring a new category teacher’s certificate is updated for the next 8 years and they do not have to pass certification exams.

Professional development scheme envolvement application form