Registration for the conference “Electronic Resources in Teaching”
Announcements ArchiveApril 12, 2016
On April 20-21, 2016 a conference on “Electronic Resources in Teaching” will be held at the National Center for Teacher Professional Development organized by Microsoft.

23 first and second grade teachers, working for several weeks on integration of electronic resources selected by the project and specially designed for the primary classes, will participate in the conference. Each teacher delivered lessons followed by the reflection on the negative and positive sides and possible improvement in the lesson planning and delivery in order to make lessons more diverse and interning and boost the student motivation level.

The project has been organized by Microsoft in collaboration with the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Intel and Geolab.

The number of participants is limited- 100 each day. All teachers are eligible for participation, though preference will be given to I-IV teachers. In case if you are elementary and primary school teacher, you will be put on hold and will be able to participate in case of vacant places; conformation will be sent to the indicate email address.

The attendance is possible on both days.

The event will be held at the National Center for Teacher Professional Development- Gmir Kustannta Str. N1

In case of further question please call: 591 994947, email address:

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