“The School of Trainers “ Starts Registration for Trainers
Announcements ArchiveMarch 02, 2016

“School of Trainers “ has been launched within the “Teacher and School Principal Professional Development” project. “ School of Trainers “ will offer preparation and training of the certified and qualified trainers.

The school has already commenced registration for the general Training for Trainers courses, concentering on providing the knowledge and competence within the “trainer competence framework’, developing professional skills and attitude formation- vital components in training planning and carrying out.

The course is aimed at individuals with no prior or less than 2 year work experience as trainers.

The course consists of 3 modules:

· Principles of Adult Teaching;

· Effective Communication and Group Dynamics:

· Module planning, Evaluation and Development;

Eligibility requirements for the course participation are:

· Minimum MA or equivalent academic degree;

· Teaching experience; Managerial working experience in Education Institutions, or a school principal certificate.

Preference will be given to the candidates with academic degrees in Education, Humanities ( English), Social ( Psychology) or Natural Sciences.

The selection process will consist of two stages:

At the first stage, interested candidates will register at the TPDC web-site.

At the second stage, after screening the documentations submitted by the candidates and determining their compliance with the qualification requirements, the candidates will be admitted to the group or individual interviews, the successful completion of which will lead to the candidates admission to the Training of Trainer general course.

The costs for the Training of Trainer general course will be reimbursed from the National Center for Teacher Professional Development and Millennium Challenge Account - joint program “ Teacher and School Principal Professional Development”.

The participants will be granted with certificates after successfully completing the course and the follow-up evaluation.

Soon the “School of Trainers “ will announce registration for candidates with more than 2 year work experience as trainers.

“School of Trainers” will contribute to enhancing the trainers corps in general and their resources employment within various organizations ( State/ NGO/University) and school staff professional development.

The course registration deadline is: March 12, 18 :00.

For registration, follow the link: http://tpdc.ge/trener/