The registration for international conference speakers is still open
Announcements ArchiveJanuary 06, 2017

Subject: School management improvement and promotion of school-based professional development

"Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia" Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project, which is implemented by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development continues speaker registration for the public school director conference.

The three-day conference will be held in April 2017.

Working languages: Georgian, English (with simultaneous translation)

The conference aims to provide the forum for sharing experience and best practices of public school directors in school management leadership and professional development issues.

The conference is related to the trainings "Leadership Academy 1" provided for Georgia’s public school directors under the Teacher and School Director Professional Development project conducted in August-October 2016 for public school directors and followed by school directors’ quarterly meetings two months later.

The conference is a major event and a good opportunity for school directors’ professional development. They will have the opportunity to introduce and share their achievements with their colleagues and the wider education community. The conference is provided primarily for public school directors. The conference participants will be awarded certificates of participation.

The conference abstracts must be presented on the following topics:

· School leadership and management;

· Educational process leadership practice in schools;

· Strategic financial planning and budgeting in the school: best practices for the development of the school;

· Human resource management in schools: best practices for improving student achievement;

· Professional learning communities in schools;

· Student-centered classroom environment: Best Practices;

· Safe Schools: conflict management and violence prevention in schools;

· Practical research and decision-making in schools;

· Data-based decision-making for the development of the school;

· Parent and community participation in school management;

· Effective communication in the school and outside the school.

The conference cross-cutting issues such as gender issues in school, the use of information communication technologies in school management / teaching process, inclusive education in schools will be taken into account in the evaluation / selection of conference reports.

Those who wish to participate in the conference must fill in the electronic registration form 1 December, 2016 - 15 January inclusive and submit abstracts in compliance with the required forms to the following email:

Abstracts submitted in violation of the terms will not be considered!

For further information please follow the link

Registration form for speakers at the Conference of School Directors