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The essence of professional standards in education

Professional standard is a term which indicates knowledge and skills essential for the person working at school or any education system. Professional standard in education is of different types. It may be teachers, professional institute teacher’s or school principal’s standard. Standard is a normative document, according to which educators find out what kind of theoretical knowledge and practical skills they are expected to develop in order to meet standard requirements.

What are professional standards aiming at?

Professional standards are of multifunctional use. Standards are used as a tool of self-esteem. Teacher or school principal is given knowledge and skill assessment opportunity according to the standard. Educator himself can judge whether his professional skills meet professional standard or not.

Standards serve as teacher’s or principal’s performance assessment system. It may be used by school administration, pupils, parents or state (certification); evaluation through observation (colleagues’, principal’s or physiologist’s data) also assessment according to the pupils’ academic performance.

It’s worth noting, that one of the main advantages of the standard is that, future teachers and principals are prepared according to the professional standards at high schools. Professional standards are used as well during school and/or high school evaluation, self-esteem and accreditation process.

It also should be noted, that standard is a dynamic document which changes from time to time. These changes are in connection with various factors including changes in international and national education system.

On the basis of standards schools and teachers of Georgia raise modern and competitive citizen.