Giorgi Machabeli awarded mentor's certificates to two teachers
News ArchiveNovember 12, 2017
Giorgi Machabeli, Director of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, met with the mentor teachers Petre Babilua and Nata Bichikashvili and awarded them with the certificates verifying the above status.

The teachers represent European school and Buckswood School. They have collected 25 credits to obtain the mentor's status within the scope of Teachers Pre-service, Professional Development and Career Advancement Scheme. After the effect of the scheme, in total nine teachers have obtained the mentor’s status.

According to the mentors, the activities required for the status are part of their daily activities, so obtaining the status was not difficult.

According to Giorgi Machabeli, the results of the scheme have already become tangible for teachers and the motivation in the school community has substantially increased.

In order to receive the mentor's status, any leading teacher shall carry out the mandatory and supplementary activities provided for in the Scheme, which are then assessed by the School Evaluation Group. The decision on granting the mentor status is made by the TPDC based on the recommendation of the School Evaluation Group.

The mentor's status is retained permanently, and the functions and responsibilities thereof shall be directed towards the improvement of the quality of the learning process, development of the school and the faculties.

In the course of the 2016-2017 academic year, 1359 teachers have been promoted to the senior teacher’s status, 2 - leading and 9 mentor’s status.