The conference "Effective Teaching" held within the program "Teach for Georgia"
News ArchiveMay 10, 2017
The conference "Effective Teaching" was held with the initiative of the consultant-teachers involved in the National Center for Teacher Professional Development program - "Teach for Georgia" and with the support of Batumi N25 public school.

The aim of the Conference was to share experiences among teachers, to develop documentary reflection and systematization skills for observation of practical activities, and to get feedback from colleagues.

The participants of the program "Teach for Georgia", consultant teachers and local teachers of different school subjects presented reports at the conference.

The knowledge and skills obtained at the conference will help teachers in their professional development, improve their teaching practice, and help them acquire new approaches and skills.

The event was supported by the project "Teach for future success" of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, the Batumi Resource Center, village Kvabghi public school of Chokhatauri municipality, public school of village Chakhati of Kobuleti municipality.