Over 7000 public school teachers will be trained under "Active teaching of subjects" training course
News ArchiveMarch 27, 2017
"Active teaching of subjects” to more than 7,000 teachers of all public schools of Georgia. So far, the trial phase of six training modules in chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, geography and English language have been completed. The trial phase has been attended by 132 trainers of the Center.

The training "Active learning of subjects” provides the modeling of real learning environment where teachers are encouraged to experience themselves the basic principles of student-centered approaches to teaching, see the benefits and develop a plan for integration of the approaches in the teaching practice.

Accordingly, the knowledge and skills acquired at the training will help teachers make the teaching process more fun, interactive, linked to practical life and focused on the XXI century learner’s needs and interests. The training places a particular emphasis on research-based teaching methods.

Subject trainings will be held in 2017 August and September and is planned to train more than 7,000 VII-XII grade mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, geography and English language public school teachers across the country, who have already taken the general professional skills training modules under the Teachers and School Directors Professional Development project in 2016-2017.

The training involves minority teachers as well, thus, the training material will be translated specially for them and Russian, Armenian and Azerbaijani language trainers retrained.

In 2016-2018, teachers will do two training courses:

1. General professional skills (three twelve hour modules; total of 36 hours - 3 credit points)

2. Active teaching of subjects (one twenty four hour module – 2 credit points)

The training will be provided for teachers in two stages. The professional development course for the first group of teachers already began in October 2016 and will be completed in July 2017 (general professional skills and subject methodology); the second group of teachers will take the same training course in October 2017 - July 2018.

Millennium Challenge Account-Georgia project has been funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation and carried out by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development with the expert support of IREX, the international consulting company and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.