Grant agreements signed with grant competition winner subject associations
News ArchiveMarch 04, 2017
In the National Center of Teacher Professional Development, the grant agreements have been signed with grant competition winners "English Teachers Association", "Civic Education Teachers Forum", "Association of Professional Chemists of Georgia" and “Association- Bio".

The grants project is aimed at engaging teacher subject associations / teachers unions in the professional development process and enhancement of their activities therein, which will contribute to strengthening of external factors and provide grounds for a gradual decentralization of the Center services.

The projects include public discussions of the national curriculum standards with subject group teachers, conducting of focus groups, providing reports, and carrying out desk research. Within the mentioned activities, a comparative analysis is prepared on national curriculum subject standards and teachers professional standards based on which recommendations are developed to improve teachers' professional standard.

In the future, the Center will provide a number of activities to increase the involvement of subject associations in order to determine teacher professional development policies.