Media Seminar on Education Issues
News ArchiveDecember 07, 2015

A joint media seminar was organized by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development and Millennium Challenge Account- Georgia in Training Center for Justice Hotel complex, Kvareli.

The seminar was attended by : Deputy Minister, Lia Gigauri, National Center for Teacher Professional Development Director- Giorgi Machabeli and Deputy Directors- Irina Abuladze and David Khvadelidze, other TPDC representatives, MCA Executive Director in Business and PR-Giorgi Kopaleishvili.

Journalists retrieved information about the current education issues, “The Teacher Induction, Professional Development and Career Advancement Scheme”, Millennium Challenge Corporation 2-nd compact and its projects related to general, high and vocational education.

Deputy Minister- Lia Gigauri talked about the fulfilled and planned projects and pragmas in education during her presentation. 20 Television and Radio, print and digital media journalists participated in the event.