Workshops within the Program “Georgian Language for Future Success”
News ArchiveAugust 20, 2015

Representatives of program “Georgian Language for Future Success” held meetings with Samtskhe- Javakheti, Lower-Kartli and Kakheti ERC heads.

The issues discussed included: the number of teachers per school, number of teachers of Georgian as a Second Language and academic hours devoted to teaching the subjects. The TPDC representatives provided ERC heads with jobs descriptions of Consultant-Teachers and Teacher Assistants selected on contest-basis. The program representatives also mentioned the representative of Ethnic Minorities who took Georgian Language training courses at the universities the so called “4+1” and participated in the Teacher Assistants contest for the first time.

Georgian Language for Future Success” is one of the successful TPDC programs aiming at promotion Natural Sciences subjects and Georgian Language in the regions of non-Georgian schools, together with ethnic minority social integration.