Meeting with Journalists Held
News ArchiveJune 24, 2012

A meetingwith journalists was held at Teacher’s House. The Head of Teachers’Professional Development Center acquainted members of media with the teachingprocess and clarified such issues as teachers’ preparation program as well asthe improvement of teaching method. It’s worth noting, that the meeting wasattended by those journalists who themselves have schoolchildren. All of themgot useful information concerning the issues they were interested in.

Teacher’sHouse frequently hosts similar meetings with teachers and principals with thepurpose of enhancing teaching quality. Also, the head of Teachers’ ProfessionalDevelopment Center continues meetings with parents.

It’s worthnoting, that various trainings, seminars, conferences and master-classes areheld at Teacher’s House on a daily basis.

Besideseveryday trainings, seminars and master-classes, working meetings concerningteaching processes are held. The information given during such meetingsprovides the basis for making decisions, planning instructional activities andcreating effective teaching and learning environments.