`Buki trainings` have started
News ArchiveJuly 17, 2012
Inpreparation for the new academic year Teacher’s House has started so called`Buki Training` in which every first grade tutor participates.

Throughthe above mentioned training teachers are receiving the professionaldevelopment using netbooks to teach more efficiently. Several groups offirst-grade teachers take this training on the daily basis. It’s worth noting,that several important issues are highlighted during the training:

  1. Technicalfeatures of netbooks and computer skills.
  2. Fileexchanging within internal network, giving homework assignments to pupils and setting control over them.
  3. Involvingonline-recourses in the teaching program.
  4. Searchingfor photo and video files via internet.
  5. Planninglessons using `Buki`

The training involves two stages and continues for  9 days. The first stage will last until theend of July in Tbilisi, whereas it will be over at the beginning of Septemberin the regional areas.

Buki trainings are conducted throughout the wholecountry by Teacher’s House. Besides all first grade tutors those Math andGeorgian language teachers are involved who will teach first graders.