Teachers' Probation in Germany
News ArchiveSeptember 15, 2013

German language teachers will enhance their qualification in International Communication Institute, Dusseldorf. Teachers’ Professional Development Center sent German language teachers from Tbilisi as well as from other regions of Georgia to Germany to pass two-week probation.10 teachers will be trained in the direction as follow:

  • Advanced methods in grammar and vocabulary;
  • Online tools usage in the process of German language learning;
  • Teaching sites/blogs development;
  •  Science fiction usage at foreign language lessons.

Institute of International Communication trains teachers throughout the world. Georgia is involved in this program for the first time. The teachers were chosen according to several basic criteria:


  • High score in certification exam;
  •  Teachers’ involvement in professional scheme;
  •  Regional principle;

Teachers’ Professional Development Center will send teachers of various subjects abroad with the purpose of enhancing qualification in the future.