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About the Center

National Center for Teacher Professional Development is a Legal Entity of Public Law under the Ministry of Education with the aim to improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools through implementation of teachers' professional knowledge and high performance standards and improvement of the status of the teaching profession.

The Center carries out its activities in three priority areas:

  • Ensure the development and implementation of professional standards;
  • Support the development and implementation of continuous professional development and career advancement system;
  • Plan and implement the target projects determined by the National Education Policy and the Center strategy.


Teacher Professional Development Center's mission is to provide conditions for the continuous professional development of teachers. To this end, the Center participates in the policy-making process for Teachers Professional Development, ensures the development and implementation of teacher professional standards and ethical norms, carries out teacher professional development programs and promotes the introduction of teachers' professional development activities and open development system.

Main directions of the Center activities

Evidence-based decisions - decisions are made based on the survey data and information analysis.

Constant quality improvement and dialogue - the Center is focused on constant development of its activities, thus it regularly receives feedback and is involved in dialogue with stakeholders.

Oriented on decentralization - the National Strategy of Education includes decentralization of services. Pursuant to this policy, the Center, to the possible extent, contributes to formation of the environment, in which teachers' professional development and efficient delivery of services will be provided through mobilizing and strengthening of the school, stakeholders, institutions and teachers’ communities.

Promotion of modern and innovative approaches to teaching/learning and professional development - one of the main priorities of the Center is to promote the implementation and dissemination of modern teaching and learning approaches.

Accountability and transparency - the Center takes responsibility for the intended outcomes and provides reports to relevant internal and external stakeholders.