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Trainings in Information-Communication Technologies
One of the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, in order to improve the results of teaching and learning in secondary schools, is to ensure effective implementation of information and communication technologies. For this end, it is required to equip teachers and school administrations with relevant ICT skills, so that they can ensure implementation of digital culture in schools and develop the 21st century competences among students.

The National Center for Teacher Professional Development has been carrying out Teacher Information Communication Technologies (ICT) trainings since 2009. The goal of the training is to ensure teachers' professional development and to improve the educational environment through the integration of ICT. To accomplish the aim, in 2009-2015 various ICT training courses were held for public school teachers, librarians and school principals. By the end of 2015, a certain number of public school teachers were trained who are capable of integrating ICT skills in the learning process.

Program Goals
  • Teacher professional development and improvement of learning environment via Information-Communication Technologies (ICT) integration.
  • Forming a digital culture in schools by assisting teachers to find practical application to acquired ICT skills and keeping the school administration actively involved in the above mentioned processes.
  • Developing and popularizing Georgian ICT materials with of ICT classroom integration aim in mind.
Target group
  • Information-Communication Technologies (ICT) trainings are held for public school teachers, librarians and school principals.
  • Those wishing to participate in the above mentioned trainings may register at the web-page: