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Teach for Georgia

Reforms initiated by theMinistry of Education and Science of Georgia are aimed at teaching and learning development at public schools. In spite of multiple activities carried out in this direction, lack of qualified teaching staff in high mountainous regions in Georgia still remains a problem to be tackled. Often schools don’t have teachers of subjects defined by the National Curriculum. Cases are also frequent when a subject is taught by not subject specialists. The statement is supported by unfilled vacancies posted at the teacher vacancy web-page :( and program data base. Thus the situation doesn’t guarantee the equal opportunities for quality education for students.

Consultant-teachers selected on contest–bases will be disseminated in public schools of Georgia to fill in the vacancies. The Consultant-teachers will develop action plan based on various subject teaching needs and National Curriculum with close collaboration with school board. By the end of every term a progress report will be drafted by the teachers on the implemented activities. The consultant–teachers will employ the updated teaching methods. They will be constantly be held updated on center implemented programs/activities and news in profession, that will help them to realize the new initiatives in schools with maximal efficiency. The consultant-teachers will be employed in schools for at least one academic year and will improve the teaching and learning processes at schools.

Goals and Objectives

The Ministry of Education and Science Ministry reforms are aimed at development of the general education system and improvement of the quality of teaching in public schools. Access to quality education equal opportunities for any student in Georgia's public school, regardless he/she is studying in the capital or a highland village school, is one of the most important tasks of the education reform. Teachers professionalism and motivation is crucial for the successful implementation of the reform.

The mountainous regions, as well as other parts of Georgia report the lack of teachers. The ethnic minority villages are also in need of teachers.

In order to prevent the above mentioned and ensure provision of quality education in schools, the program "Teach for Georgia" has been designed as education may be one of the important factors in reducing migration, and the prerequisite of better future. It should be noted that the society having quality education is more socially oriented, which along with other benefits is the precondition for general education system development.

The program aims to promote teaching and learning process by attracting qualified human resources and to ensure equal opportunities for getting general education in all public schools.

Program goals:

  • Promote teacher’s profession among qualified personnel; attract and employ them to relevant vacancies;
  • Provide teachers with the news in the field of education and promote the implementation of modern teaching and learning methods and their application in the learning process;
  • Improve student academic performance;
  • Support local community involvement in school life. 

Training and professional development of teachers involved in the program

To ensure the best possible quality of teaching-learning process, teachers are provided with specially designed training courses in teaching skills, information and communication technologies and general education issues:

  • Strategic lesson planning;
  • Involvement of students and their family members in school life;
  • Effective communication with students, colleagues and community;
  • Classroom management and increase of motivation among students;
  • Identification of problems and their solutions;
  • Assessment of own professional performance;
  • Professional development etc. 

The National Center for Teacher Professional Development aims to support the professional development of teacher -consultants. Provision of trainings for teachers at the initial stage of the program and also their regular trainings and involvement in a variety of projects is important. For this end working meetings are held. Participants share their experiences, exchange information, come up with the ways on how to deal with the challenges; the trainings cover the issues such as teacher self-assessment within the framework of teacher induction, professional development and career advancement scheme; study of academic practice; development of training resources; classroom management, effective teaching and learning methods, collaboration with colleagues and parents. Training participants discuss what professional knowledge a teacher should have in order to use acquired knowledge effectively in practice.

Regions of Georgia

Ajara (Shuakhevi, Khulo, Khelvachauri)
Guria (Chokhatauri)
Imereti (Chiatura, Samtredia, Tkibuli, Tskaltubo)
Mtskheta-Mtianeti (Dusheti, Kazbegi)
Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Samegrelo (Oni, Ambrolauri, Tsageri)
Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti (Mestia, Martvili, Abasha)
Samtskhe-Javakheti (Akhalkalaki, Adigeni, Borjomi, Ninotsminda)
Kvemo Kartli (Tsalka, Bolnisi, Dmanisi, Marneuli)
Shida Kartli (Kaspi, Kareli)