Minister approved the national exams program
News ArchiveJanuary 09, 2012
The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Mr. Dimitri Shashkini, signed the decrees that endorsed the programs of high school, national unified and teacher certification exams. The exams’s programs are in full compliance with the national curriculim; the duration of the teachers certification examinations will be lengthened.The exams’ programs feature all exams questions and interconnection between these questions and respective topics in the national curriculum, the programs also comprise the list of all subject matter skills.The exams programs contain three charts, the first lists the exams questions, the second defines them, and third one relates these topics to the national curriculum.For example:list of the exam questiondefinition of the exams’ questionsrelation to the national curriculum1. Archelogical periods in Georgia 2. Diaokhi and Kolkha1. Bronze Age in Georgiarelations of the ancient kingdoms of Georgia with Asureti and UrartuHistory. XI . 1. History XI . 2.History XI . 5.History XI . 6.History. XI . 2. History XI . 4.Experts of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, National Examinations Center and National Curriculum Center have been working on the development of the exams programs for several months. They have elaborated these programs based on the national curriculum.Exams’ programs will be posted on the web site of the Ministry (