Training for English Language teachers
News ArchiveJanuary 20, 2012
Special training for English Language teachers was held at Teacher’s House. Trainer who was specially invited from UK has been working with Georgian teachers for five days. The main issues of the training were various methods of teaching English language.

During the training teachers attention was paid on topics such as reading, pronunciation, hearing, text analysis and many other skills of teaching language.

For active engagement of teachers in training activities Trainer from UK organized different role-playing games for them. Teachers also had an opportunity to play the role of students.

Philip Kerr is the author of the worldwide well known books such as ,,Straightforward`` and ,,inside Out``. These books are very popular among the leading countries of Europe and USA.

Every year famous trainer Philip Kerr gives various seminars and master classes in about fifteen countries of the world. This is his first visit in Georgia.