Workshops were held within the program "Teach for Georgia"
News ArchiveJanuary 11, 2018

National Center for Teacher Professional Development held a three-day workshop within the program "Teach for Georgia", which was attended by 184 consultant teachers of various subject groups.

The aim of the meeting was to consult the participants of the program on important issues such as creating portfolios, project-based learning, planning and implementation of project-based lessons, methods of working in class-sets, development of thematic plans, drawing up resources, elaborating educational projects etc.

"This training is very important for program participants. It will facilitate them to conduct teaching process effectively, to plan project-based lessons and to deal with the challenges associated with portfolio development”, said Lali Tsiklauri, the Program Manager.

The program "Teach for Georgia" has been successfully implemented since 2009. The program aims at attracting qualified staff to the profession, facilitating the teaching and learning process and ensuring equal opportunities for education in remote areas and highland regions of Georgia.