Trainers summarized the project "Europe in my lesson"
News ArchiveDecember 24, 2017

National Center for Teacher Professional Development hosted the trainers involved in the project "Europe in my lesson", which has been implemented in cooperation with the local EU Delegation.

The trainers, in working groups, analyzed the experience obtained through the project in order to improve and increase the efficiency of their future activities. Participants of the meeting also discussed further initiatives and recommendations on what the schools and teachers require to better teach about the EU.

The project aims to strengthen the education of the European Union. In this direction, a textbook and a training module have been developed, which include informing teachers of the European Union and instructing them how to teach students in different subjects and grades about the European Union in parallel to teaching a particular school subject.

Approximately 100 trainers have been involved in the project. Within the framework of the project, up to 3000 teachers of different subjects and levels, of different schools and regions have been trained across the country.