Round table meeting on bullying in schools held at TPDC
News ArchiveDecember 23, 2017

A round table meeting on the issue of bullying in schools was held upon the initiative of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development and Georgian Association of School Administrators. The meeting was attended by principals of Tbilisi and Rustavi schools.

At the meeting school directors, NGOs and the Center representatives discussed the issue of preventing bullying and violence in the school and shared experiences with each other.

Bullying still remains the main challenge of the 21st century. It is planned and developed not only in the visible environment but also by using social networks and communication means. Therefore, prevention and management of bullying requires special attention. The meeting participants believe that preventing and fighting the facts of bullying is possible through active cooperation with administrations, teachers and parents.

At the initiative of Gia Murghulia, the Head of the Association of School Administrators, other meetings are going to be held where the Association together with principals will develop specific recommendations to all the organizations that may be involved in the prevention and management of bullying in schools.

Giorgi Machabeli, Director of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, together with school administrators discussed the activities carried out by the Center in the above direction and called upon them to have open cooperation and introduced them with the planned activities which will help schools effectively tackle the problem of bullying.

TPDC is carrying out various trainings for school directors and teachers to prevent bullying. The component of bullying prevention is integrated in a number of modules developed by the Center, but in this respect it is worth mentioning the training course for civic education teachers and the training module "Equality Issues" of the "Leadership Academy" within the Teachers and School Directors Professional Development project, which all public school directors will attend from December 2017 to April 2018.