Training course for VET teachers in progress
News ArchiveDecember 11, 2017

The National Center for Teacher Professional Development continues the educational course for teachers of vocational institutions. Currently 363 vocational education teachers are attending the third module.

The training course consists of five different modules and includes the topics such as individual needs of students, learning environment, assessment, learning strategies, self-assessment and professional development.

The course has been developed according to the international standards in 2016 in cooperation with the National Center for Teacher Professional Development and the UN Vocational Education Program based on the Swiss experience. After the development of the course, 155 VET teachers were involved in the education course pilot. After the completion of the pilot assessment, the education course was launched in all public vocational institutions.

In parallel to the educational training course, TPDC is working together with the EU technical assistance project in order to elaborate VET teachers Pre-service, Professional Development and Career Advancement regulating document according to which the training course must be taken by all VET teachers by the year of 2020. And those teachers who pass the course will be able to participate in other professional development activities.