Training on Equality Issues for Directors, Facilitators and Resource Center Heads launched
News ArchiveDecember 11, 2017

Teachers and School Directors Professional Development Project within the Second Leadership Academy has started trainings on equality related issues for 1872 school principals, facilitators and heads of resource centers.

The training module is aimed at participants to understand gender and social barriers and existing stereotypes related to STEM subjects. Participants should be able to explain the causes of such inequality and develop appropriate strategies for their elimination and prevention. A part of the training module is dedicated to issues of creating inclusive environment in schools. Participants should be able to create a monitoring mechanism to enhance the inclusive environment in schools and ensure equal conditions for different vulnerable groups.

Trainings will help participants to diagnose their schools in terms of gender and social equality; identify the problem of inequality in the school and analyze the hindering reasons; draw up a plan on equality prevention issues in schools; develop and evaluate the criteria for diagnosing the school's inclusive environment; identify and analyze the barriers arising in the development of the inclusive environment at school; elaborate alternative ways of teaching-learning process and create new strategies; develop the attitude and behavior model to vulnerable groups; determine the mechanism of peaceful co-existence for positive interaction within the school's multicultural society; analyze the artificial and natural barriers related to educating girls in STEM subjects and determine ways of their solution; develop the criteria for selecting textbooks on gender and social equality and develop a model of cooperation with diverse groups of schools.

Leadership Academy consists of three levels and is a combination of long-term training modules that began in August 2016 and will continue gradually until the end of 2018. The program involves all public school principals. After successful completion of each level of the Academy, participants are awarded with certificates.

Leadership Academy training program aims to facilitate directors of public schools to effectively manage the school and provide the student-oriented learning environment.

The First Leadership Academy was attended by 1702 public school principals from August to October 2016. According to the monitoring results, 81% of the principals of the First Leadership Academy considered that the training objectives were in line with their professional needs. Also, 76% of the directors noted that the training improved their professional level.

In addition to trainings, within the framework of the project quarterly meetings are held with principals and in September 2017 the "School Management and Leadership Conference" was held, where school directors shared their professional experience and the results of practical implementation of the knowledge acquired through the Academy.

Millennium Challenge Account – Georgia’s program Teachers and School Directors Professional development project is implemented by National Center for Teacher Professional Development. The project is funded by Millennium Challenge Corporation, with the expert support of the International Consulting Company IREX and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.