Workshop held in Batumi within the program "Teach and Learn with Georgia"
News ArchiveNovember 08, 2017
Within the framework of the program "Teach and Learn with Georgia", a meeting of foreign volunteer and local teachers was held in Batumi. At the meeting foreign and Georgian teachers discussed the issues of professional development as well as learning and teaching and communication issues with the local community.

For the meeting, the National Center for Teacher Professional Development specially developed new training-modules for English, French and German speaking groups.

The seminar was attended by foreign volunteer teachers who have become the first teachers in vocational schools in the history of the program and work with local students and vocational education teachers.

The program has undergone a number of changes since 2010. The selection criteria of volunteer teachers and local schools willing to participate in the program has been improved. In 2012 Chinese language volunteer teachers joined the program, and French and German volunteer teachers joined the program in 2015. Since 2013, the priority of vocational education has demonstrated the need to enhance language competence for teachers involved in the field of vocational education along with their professional development, and based on the above the TPDC started allocating foreign volunteer teachers to vocational education schools.

The program "Teach and Learn with Georgia" has been implemented since 2010 and its goal is to improve the quality of teaching and learning of foreign languages, facilitating professional development of local teachers through cooperation with foreign colleagues and ensuring the access to foreign language learning in local communities.