German Experts visit TPDC
News ArchiveJuly 22, 2017
Six German experts, with the support of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, will conduct model lessons and working-informational meetings with the purpose of further development of vocational education teachers (VET). 
The project, which has been developed with the German International Cooperation Organization (GIZ) and the Senor Expert Service (SES), aims to carry out research on the needs of VET teachers in the field of tourism in vocational education institutions and their professional development.
After the researching of teachers’ needs, teacher trainings will be target planned in accordance with the specialties. German experts will assist administrations of vocational education institutions establish cooperative ties with particular vocational colleges in Germany to facilitate sending teachers for professional development to Germany.
Sharing European experience in the implementation of modular and dual learning will help to enhance the quality of teaching and learning process and the mobility of VET teachers and students in European countries.
According to the international expert, Gerald Wetzel, experts will cover the tourism sphere, which means professional development activities in gastronomy, hotel services and management, culinary and other areas:
"We will work with teachers on the place to identify their professional needs, and then German and Georgian vocational schools will be able to become friends, which will enable Georgian educational institutions to send best students together with teachers to German hotels for practice. We are glad that the National Center for Teacher Professional Development has invited us to help in the development of Georgian vocational education. As you know, dual vocational education planned to implement in your country is a German model. We will facilitate teachers to successfully implement this model in the educational process".