Training of trainers on vocational students’ assessment issues
News ArchiveJune 07, 2017
The trainer training for vocational education trainer-consultants was held within the scope of the Vocational Education Teacher and School Director Professional Development program.

Anastasia Kitiashvili, expert of vocational education policy, conducted the training "Competence Based Assessment" within the project "Vocational Education for Economic Development".

The training discussed competence-based education, its basic characteristics, components of the competences, the requirements of the labor market, principles of student assessment, practical assessment, types of evidence, quantity and quality, assessment terms, and evaluation of competences.

With the view to deepening the training topics, the participants performed practical assignments and discussed in details all the questionable issues that could arise during the course of training sessions and counseling, and also drew up a common overall action plan for the presumable challenges.

The training was attended by Nino Elbakidze, the Project Manager of TPDC for Vocational Education Teacher and School Director Professional Development program, and David Handley, Head of "Vocational Education for Economic Development", who awarded certificates to trainers.