End of Year Meeting with Foreign Volunteer Teachers
News ArchiveJune 03, 2017
Within the program "Teach and Learn with Georgia", the target project of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, the end of year closing meeting was held where foreign volunteer teachers received certificates and memorable gifts. Together with foreign colleagues, Georgian teachers of foreign languages also summarized their work and thanked volunteers for cooperation. The prizes were also granted to the students who won the prizes in the foreign language contest announced within the program.

The event was attended by Ms. Mariam Jashi, Chairman of Education, Science and Culture Committee, Ms. Lia Gigauri, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia and the authorities of National Center for Teacher Professional Development.

Within the framework of the TPDC target program, it has been already seven years that the quality of teaching foreign languages ​​ in the public schools of Georgia has been improving with the help of foreign volunteer teachers. Since 2012 the program has undergone some changes and for the purpose of improvement, the criteria of selection of volunteer teachers has been elaborated, and become more diverse, as Chinese, French and German language teachers have joined English-speaking colleagues. 

"Teach and Learn With Georgia" is now working not only to improve the quality of teaching of foreign language teachers ​​but also to provide professional development for local teachers. The activities of foreign volunteers includes cooperation with peers, introduction of modern methods of language teaching, implementation of joint projects and communication in foreign languages ​​in order to improve language competencies of local teachers.