The lesson "Study project in Physics" held for the village of “Khareba” public school students
News ArchiveApril 11, 2017
In the natural science laboratory of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, the lesson entitled "Study Project in Physics" was held for Tsalka Municipality, the village “Khareba” public school students. The lesson was conducted by Nugzar Mosulishvili, the Head of the Center Physics Laboratory and Nestan Mikadze, the program "Teach for Georgia" participant physics teacher -consultant.

The aim of the lesson was to improve the quality of teaching natural sciences in schools, in particular, physics and enhance students' interest to natural science subjects.

The lesson discussed ongoing modern research in major scientific centers, scientific achievements and the objectives of such research, the origin of the universe and its evolution, interesting objects in the distant galaxies, processes going out there, the role of physics and requirements of various professions.

Moreover, the students had the opportunity to conduct simple school experiments on their own with the help of a German "PHYWE" laboratory and modern technologies.

The next stage of the project will be a workshop with students at which they will discuss the calculated errors of the experiments conducted, prepare presentations and share the knowledge and experience with school teachers and parents.