Meeting with Armenian school principals
News ArchiveMarch 05, 2012
The Director of The National Center for Teacher Professional Development Mr. Gia Mamulashvili met principals of Armenian schools in Georgia. At the meeting Armenian school principals were given school manuals by Gia Mamulashvili. The manuals published by The National Center for Teacher Professional development are bilingual. They include topics about standards and indicators of successful school recognized by International educational environment. These topics are discussed both in Georgian and Armenian languages. By the help of manuals school principals are able to obtain the information about making strategic development plan, How to implement monitoring of strategic plan. 

Manuals help principals manage the process of finding and employing high qualified employees and promote teachers professional development. Manuals also contain recommendations on developing effective public relation skills.

The principals of Armenian schools were given manuals free of charge by The National Center for Teacher Professional Development. The meeting was held in Kutaisi, Zhurab Zhvania State Administration School where the principals of all Armenian schools in Georgia attend the English language course.