Anti Drug Campaign is underway
News ArchiveMarch 13, 2012
Mayor of Tbilisi, Gigi Ugulava, Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Dimitri Shashkini, Minister of Sports and Youth, Lado Vardzelashvili and First Deputy of the Chief Prosecutor Davit Sakvarelidze met with the family members of drug addicted people and discussed with them the details of the state Anti Drug Campaign.

State Anti Drug campaign envisages organizing different projects. Parliament of Georgia, Governemtn, Prosecutor’s Office, Tbilisi City Hall and regional municipalities are engaged in the Anti Drug Campaign.

By the initiative of the Mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava, Tbilisi City Hall will work on the design of the rehabilitation center. Tbilisi City Hall will also organize many sports competitions in order to promote the healthy lifestyle.

As a result of the implemented reforms, the number of drug abusers has decreased. The cases of drug addiction have decreased with 32% since 2010.

Despite of this progress, drug abuse remains one of the most serious problems. According to the sociological research 33% of the respondents think that drug abuse is the biggest problem for society.

 The government is committed to continue working with other respective agencies and institutions to prevent crime and drug abuse.The aim of Anti Drug Campaign is also to support drug-abusers in their rehabilitation process.