Information meeting held with subject associations
News ArchiveNovember 03, 2016

National Center for Teacher Professional Development has held an information meeting with the subject associations for the introduction of the future cooperation ways and means.

The meeting also discussed the role that the associations should have in the education system and how they can be involved in the decision-making processes. Subject teacher associations are an important resource which ensures the improvement of the education quality, and exactly for this reason, National Center for Teacher Professional Development plans to promote the cooperation through various competitions.

The involvement of the subject associations is important in order to ensure the quality improvement of various instruments and training resources developed in the field of education. Currently, the national curriculum is being revised. This document will form the basis for the amendment to the teacher’s professional standards, the responsibility for the design and development of which rests with the Center. The subject associations will be able to assist the Center by increasing the involvement of teachers in the process.

The similar information meetings for sharing the projected news will be permanent.