Vocational education teacher in-service trainings in progress
News ArchiveOctober 28, 2016
Within the scope of "Vocational Education Teacher Professional Development Program", the tour operator program, college teachers are being trained at travel company "Discover Georgia". The training is attended by teachers from Tbilisi and regional vocational educational institutions.

The vocational teacher in-service trainings include teacher trainings in the real working environment with potential employers so that teachers can learn about ongoing activities provided by the employers, the latest technologies and methods, which they apply in customer service.

Through the training, tour operator teachers are introduced to the selection process of target tourism market and suppliers, monitoring of the tour progress, drawing up tour reports, establishment of market price based on market research and the features of communication between ​​hotels, restaurants, tour guides, and vehicle owners internally.

The tour operator teacher trainings are provided based on the vocational teachers' professional needs. The field expert examines the teachers' academic needs based on the standards of the profession, after which the relevant enterprise is selected for such trainings.