Teachers’ "eTwinning Plus" conference held
News ArchiveOctober 19, 2016

The conference "Digital Citizenship and eTwinning" has been held for the National Center for Teacher Professional Development program "eTwinning Plus" participant teachers. The conference was dedicated to understanding of our rights and responsibilities in the digital world and development of awareness of the digital citizenship through the eTwinning.

During the conference, for the purpose of the professional development, teachers were offered a range of workshops on effective use of technology, online security, copyright issues, the knowledge and application of which is the primarily responsibility of any digital citizen.

The conference participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with colleagues, establish common interests, visions and new design ideas. The conference participants included 90 teachers from schools of different regions of Georgia.

The program "eTwinning –the European Society for Schools" involves 400,000 teachers from various European countries, and their number is growing every day. eTwinning offers teachers a variety of opportunities to prepare their students as full-fledged members of the digital world, protect their own and others' rights, carry out activities contributing to the development of digital citizenship with their students.

The program "eTwinning Plus" is the educational network established in order to promote cooperation between European schools and their neighboring countries, through which teachers connect to each other, collaborate, carry out joint training projects and share experience. The program operates through an online platform, which provides working space for the program participant teachers and offers them a variety of tools for the implementation of their objectives.