A training for vocational education teachers
News ArchiveJune 23, 2016

In collaboration between the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, a pilot training was provided to vocational education teachers. The key topic of the training was provision of competence based assessment in vocational education programs.

The training was attended by vocational education trainers and 10 teachers of vocational institutions. The aim of the workshop was to test the newly developed module, and on that basis to receive opinions and recommendations from both international experts and training participants.

The pilot trainings were preceded by a “needs analysis” of teachers, in which 230 teachers from 20 Georgian colleges participated.

The training module includes competence-based assessment planning within the modular vocational program, selection and development of relevant valid assessment tools, collection of relevant data, development of competence-based assessment and feedback to students.

Teachers participating in the pilot training were awarded certificates by the Millennium Challenge Corporation.