Training for Training- Module Writers comes to an end
News ArchiveMay 09, 2016
The trainings for module writers under the project of professional development of teachers and school principals ended with the practical experiments. The training participants put on white lab gowns and got involved in a school chemistry experiment.

The training course designed for the module writers aims to prepare participants who are able to design a training/module based on the principles of student-centered learning and assessment. Consequently, the training is focused on practical activities and experiments in which the module writers themselves participated in a learning process which the project intends to implement across the whole country.

The training was mostly focused on the principles and approaches towards research, problem and project-based teaching. The training sessions in the form of cross competences integrated the use of technology, gender and social equality issues within teaching / learning process.

The training modules were designed by the advisory group GOPA and are based on the needs identified through the research conducted in Georgia in 2015.

Millennium Challenge Fund "Teacher and School Principal Professional Development Project" has been launched this year with the aim of improving the results of public school students in the natural sciences, mathematics, geography, English language, and information and communication technologies. To this end, in the next three years, professional development trainings will be provided for all 7-12 grade respective subject teachers, school principals and facilitators in all public schools of Georgia.