Next Stage of Teacher and School Principal Program implementation is launched
News ArchiveApril 29, 2016
"Teacher and School Principal Professional Development Project" initiated by Millennium Challenge Fund has moved to a new phase. TPDC has started trainings for training-module writers, the successful participation in which is the part of their selection process. The training was developed based on the principles of student-centered learning and it involves 15 successful candidates of the first stage.

A three-week training course covers theoretical and practical components and fully responds to the needs of development of teacher and school principal professional modules using student-centered approaches, methods and attitudes. After the successful completion of the training and evaluation process, the selected candidates will design training courses for the project target groups - VII - XII grade chemistry, physics, biology, English, geography, math and ICT teachers and public school directors, the implementation of which will start in August 2016.

The course was designed within the framework of module writer selection and certification strategy prepared by the international consultants.

The above mentioned candidates were selected by the TPDC, which is the agency implementing the project. The project is supported by the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the Millennium Challenge Fund – Georgia, and the international organization IREX advisory group.