Regulations for Vocational Education Teachers
News ArchiveMarch 31, 2016

With the aim of Vocational Education quality improvement in mind, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia is working on the initial vocational teacher preparation and professional development regulatory document in collaborating with the partner organizations and other stakeholders. The European Union Project and the UN Development project provide assistance to MoES in the process.

According to the “Vocational Institution Development, Career Advancement, Professional Qualification Requirements and Pay System “regulatory document, the vocational education teachers will be able to attend the pedagogical courses and enhance their pedagogical skills , alongside with planning the professional development events for teachers. The regulatory document will be accompanied by several decrees, Vocational Education Teacher Pay Rule included, in order to interconnect the vocation al education teachers’ professional development with their career advancement and pay rise. The representatives of Vocational education institutions, Professional Unions and international organizations work on the document.

The international standards as well as local practices have been considered while working on the document. For the document flexibility and success, it’s important to preview all the possible risks. High qualification of teachers is directly connected with the vocational education quality, student motivation and their future success at the labor market.