Meeting at Kachreti Educational Institution
News ArchiveFebruary 22, 2016

Representatives of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development and EU Vocational Education Development Projects have paid a visit to Kachreti educational institution.

The workshop concerned several issues:

· Submitting new Vocational Education teachers’ pay system to the administration and testing the system at a specific educational institution.

· Informing the administration about the activities planned in 2016 for teachers’ professional development.

· Discussing the guideline concerning the school board.

Oliver Diz, the EU project manager introduced the new teacher pay system, tested in Kachreti Vocational Educational Institution, to the administration. Before the new pay system is submitted to the National Board, it’s imperative that there is a clear picture of what effect the new system might have on teachers and vocational institutions in general.

The Program Manager Nino Elbakidze presented information on trainings planned in TPDC on pedagogical courses, trainings on evaluation and on job trainings.

Workshops of similar types are planned in other vocational institutions as well.